‘North Korea’ Released From Self-Titled 3rd Album!

April 30th, 2013

The Bombsters have released the video for North Korea from their self-titled 3rd album. North Korea is the story of a supposed oppressor caught in a trap of loyalty and confusion with no way out.

The project is a collaboration between the band and Aaron Enwright, to reflect the frustrations of a person in authority who knows something’s wrong, but is still loyal to the system. North Korea is, in a sense, the artistic reflection of being “trapped”.

ARTIST: The Bombsters
ALBUM: The Bombsters
SINGLE: North Korea
Running Time: 5:31
Label: Big Cigar Records
Release Date: 17/APR/2013
Genre: Rock/Alternative
Hometown: Hamilton, Canada
Purchase: iTunes
Website: http://www.thebombsters.com
Produced by: The Bombsters
Mastered by: Jukasa Studios, Caledonia, Canada
Director: Aaron Enwright
Concept: The Bombsters
Producer: The Bombsters
Camera: Aaron Enwright
Art Director: Aaron Enwright

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